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Shire · of · Hollowgrove

Dedicated to "The Hollowgrove Chronicles"

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I know, I know...about freaking time...

Actually, I finished this some time ago...I was just reminded recently that it hadn't been added to this forum yet. Ummm....ooops?

I had hoped to incorporate this, or parts of it, into the main story (that's STILL under construction...yeah yeah, I know)...but then I found out that the name and concept of the "vorpal bunnies" is actually a copyrighted item by Monty Python. So yeah...plan B, except there is no real plan B yet. I'll figure it out.

I guess Cat has been circulating this and the other stories around the Faire this year, and so far the response has been quite positive. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it.

Honestly, I will get back to writing. With Cat finally having read the story and her love and enthusiasm for it has gotten the inspiration flowing again. Once I get done moving, I'll be back in an office, getting back to work.

In the meantime...here's the latest...get some coffee and settle in; it's a bit long...

The Vorpal ForestCollapse )

For those who have read what came before, here's where you left off...Collapse )
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Finally, a new Hollowgrove tale.

A bit of history, first.

Apparently this past festival season, my young heroine Catrina apparently was adopted by the Vikings at the festival, and her mother recommended/requested that I somehow incorporate them into the fabric of Hollowgrove. Then she mentioned the vorpal bunnies that they had...

That was all I needed.

Unfortunately, I found myself a bit distracted and such and only got a few pages done at first. But tonight I felt a bit inspired and wrote quite a bit more.

It's still not finished, but there's enough here to get into. Also, I haven't really gone back and cleaned it up yet, so it may be a little rough. As ever, please let me know what you think.

So without any further ado, here is the latest...Collapse )
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At long last, here we go....

It's not much, but it's a start.

Read more...Collapse )

By the way...I know I had previously posted a "chapter one" before. That chapter is now most likely going to be chapter two or three.

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Well, as you can tell by my last little thing, work has finally begun on the next story. Got the proper CDs all set here next to me and rolling thru (Yes and Genesis, of course), been getting my thoughts together and everything...

2 hours and a page and a half later....grrrrrr....ah well, it has been awhile. Need to get back into the rhythm of things. That and there isn't the urgency as there was last time. No deadline looming.

I've also found that McCartney isn't quite Hollowgrove-writing music. At least not the Venus and Mars album.

I should probably take this time to remind you...the little bits and pieces that I've written here over the year - the Xmas story and all the other one-off's - have little or nothing to do with the actual storyline or timeline of Hollowgrove, as I have it in my mind. They were just little experiments and ideas I had at the time.

So for what's to come...Bridget hasn't been to Hollowgrove yet, and the Fops and quite a few other characters haven't been introduced yet. Basically, if it didn't happen in the original story, ignore it. It hasn't happened. Yet, anyway.

That doesn't mean that some elements from those bits won't make it into the next story. The bit about Mathe will probably end up in it pretty much as it is, with some minor changes, as might the one with Rhuvawn and school. Still working that out.

Besides, all this may be for naught anyway, to a certain extent. It seems that my initial audience for this project has started to read it. I'm not planning on bugging her about it or asking what she thinks (and I ask that no one else do so either...except maybe her mother); just going to let her volunteer that info. Asking her about it was a bit of a hard lesson for me. So depending on her "review" and such, if any (seeing that I had asked for her input on the second story when it was given to her), this may send the next story into a whole new direction. Or may be the ideas for another story altogether.

Yup folks...I'm winging it. But onward and upward, as they say. This is going to be a long road....hope you're ready for it.

Still, it was a great thrill to find out that she is reading it. Made for a very happy day.

You should be seeing something by the end of the week.
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Silence and darkness greeted Cathy as she poked her head out of the door.

"Hello? Are you there?"

There was no reply.

She withdrew back into the door, then emerged a few moments later, dragging a very large wooden hammer behind her. "Thanks, Mathe! I'll bring it right back."

She dragged it along for a little bit, then stopped. With a little difficulty, she managed to raise it onto her shoulder. Then, with every ounce of effort she could, she brought the hammer crashing down onto the floor.


Cathy dropped the hammer's handle, wringing her hands in pain. "About time I got your attention." she mumbled.

The voice moaned, griped and cursed for a few moments.

"Hey!" Cathy yelled out.

"Yes, Cathy. What do you want?"

"Can we get going now?"


"You know....on with the story!"

"Well it's kinda hard to write when you have an earth-shattering headache! What did you do?"

"I borrowed Mathe's hammer." she said innocently.

The voice moaned. "I knew I was gonna regret giving him that thing."

"I'm sorry." Cathy said, "but I had to get your attention."

"Well, you've got it now."

Cathy sat on the floor, her head down. "Did you forget about us?"

The voice's tone changed. "No hon, not at all...I just...well....I got distracted."

Cathy was silent, seemingly drawing something on the floor with her fingertip.

"You know...being a grown-up stinks, hon. We get distracted easily sometimes."

"Yeah." Cathy muttered.

"But I think I'm ready now."

Cathy's face immediately brightened. "Really?"


Cathy jumped to her feet. "Cool! I'll go tell the others!"

She reached down and picked up the hammer with both hands. With great difficulty, she waddled with it back towards the door, but then lost her grip and dropped it.

"OW!!!! What was that for???" The voice cried.

Cathy giggled. "Sorry! I...dropped it."

The hammer disappeared. "Look...let Mathe handle that from now on, okay?"


"Go on hon...I'll be there in a bit."

Cathy jumped up and down in excited anticipation and ran back inside the door.
* * *
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So in part 3 of the Christmas story, I described a pair of gowns that the Fops had made for Cathy & Bridget. Not being that good at costuming, I did the best I could with the descriptions, But I know I could have done better. That section is under revision, with assistance from several folks who offered to help out. But there's a part of me that kinda wants to let a sleeping dog lie for right now. For whatever reason, this story was fairly difficult to get down. I'm afraid any revisions will set off a major re-write of the whole thing. I'd rather try working on the next full story.

BTW...the Christmas story was a one-off and not really a part of the whole "world", per se. The Earls, Mistress Katheryn and Rue will be re-introduced in the next story, but I really have no plans to bring Timmy to Hollowgrove. Yet, anyway. Still haven't decided.

Anyway, with much help from seekingzen, we raided the internet looking for the "right gowns" for the ladies, and this is what we found. Yes, I know they're not really historically related or in the same time period, but hey...it's MY world, so there. :-P

Cathy's gown was based on this little girl's costume dress. Yeah, I know...it's a bit young for Cathy, and thus why I made some significant changes to it, especially color wise (more pink). But I so liked the feather trim. Hey...it IS a princess' dress, after all. And I really couldn't locate anything else.

Bridget's dress was really a combo of two dresses. The style of it was stolen from this dress, which I thought looked rather good, but I SO loved the color of this one. So I kinda combined them both in my head, stealing from both designs. Which one to do like better?

Every now and then I think I'd make a good dress designer. Guess that would mean I'd have to learn to sew. Eeeek. Dunno if the world is ready for that.
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Finally...it's done. Hey, I got it done on New Years day...it counts! Hope you like.

Hanging the lights on the Christmas tree....Collapse )

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Okay...it's now a four parter. The end will be up later today. Hope you like...this one was a bit rough to do.

Meanwhile, back at the castle...Collapse )

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Just made a small edit to part two of the xmas story. Needed to clean up and set up something as I headed into part 3.

Speaking of heading into part 3...off I go...

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Better late than never....and plugging away right now on the 3rd and final part....hopefully tomorrow.

The tale continues...Collapse )

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